Hello World!

Hello World!

Hey there! I would like to tell you a story, a story about us, the team behind the new case series - StoryCase. No worries, It’s DEFINITELY not an intriguing, weird, and stupid story.  

Deon AKA my boss is the leader of the StoryCase team. She came up with the idea of reforging the perception people had about phone cases. We were ecstatic when Deon told us about her idea. We felt like we discovered the Quantum Theory of Light as Albert Einstein. Shortly after, we started brainstorming on what can be built upon this idea, having furious debates back and forth. In the end, we settled on three core ideas, self-representation, sharing stories, and gifting. Hence the birth of StoryCase.

In the early stage of development, we encountered countless issues. “How do we incorporate QR codes into phone cases while maintaining their full functionality?” “How come the QR Code software isn’t working?” “The video editing application is not functioning properly!” “None of the filters actually works!” We were overwhelmed and are so desperate to make this a reality. Despite the constant bombardment of problems, we kept hammering our ideas.


Our prototype was completed after five months. However, that is not the end of the line as we notice the fatal flaw in our baby. How do we change the definitive perception of phone cases? Phone cases serve two major purposes, people either buy them to protect their phone or they see them as a fancy accessory. We have no way of knowing whether our baby will make it into the market. However, that didn’t discourage us one bit, we worked our brains off instead. Six months later, it’s finally done, we turn our idea into actual products. The only thing left to do is to wait for the release. 

Thank you so much for reading through our sweat and blood. Also, we must say we are very thankful to have customers like you guys, especially those who supported us in the early days. We wouldn’t have made it that far without you guys. 

Last but not least, today is the release date for our StoryCase series. We were so nervous about it but we have no way to know whether it will succeed or not. I guess we will find out together in the next blog post. See you guys in the next one :D