The Most Asked Question About Our Transparent Cases

For those who are wondering whether you should purchase a transparent design casing or a regular one, this article is made just for you. You probably have many questions about our transparent cases, and I am here to answer all of them! 

The MOST asked question:

1. Is yellowing a common issue among your transparent cases?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and NO. The yellowing issue is only a myth in our company; it never existed in the first place. With our specifically employed material, all of our transparent cases possess the anti-yellowing trait. It’s already 2021; the technology is advanced enough to bring you into a virtual world, yet you are still worried that your case might look like your dirty laundry?

2. Are your transparent cases up to the protection standard of SC?

Not only are our cases up to our standard, but they also surpassed the military standard. Most of our products(including transparent cases) did well in the military drop test, proven to withstand falls from a certain height. Even transparent cases are up to the task of protecting your phone!

3. Does it work with MagSafe?

MagSafe is a powerful piece of magnet that attaches to the back of your phone. The magnet works and charges quickly. Please beware using MagSafe with a case may reduce the sticking power. Transparent cases work with MagSafe, but I suggest getting a MagSafe transparent case instead.


4. Which models are transparent cases available?

Right now, our transparent cases are available for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Transparent cases will be available for the future iPhone generation as well.

You can get your transparent cases on our website with customizable designs. Get your personalized phone case today!

5. Is your transparent case modular?

That’s a big YES. We SC values personalization; that’s why we provide custom case designs. We implemented the modular design into our cases to one-up our personalization level. You can pick up our modular accessories during checkout, don’t forget to mix and match them to fit your fashion game.

6. Is it easy for transparent cases to get dirty?

No, it is pretty hard for transparent cases to get dirty. Most of the dirt and dust can’t even stick to the case. If some of them manage to stick on the case, simply blow them away or wipe them off. You don’t have to worry about the problem of cleanliness when you are using a transparent case.

7. Does the case possess antimicrobial traits?

Our customizable case for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max variants possess antimicrobial traits. The coating on the case prevents any microbial from sticking or breeding. Despite being antimicrobial, I still advise you to regularly clean your case with 75% alcohol.

8. Is it possible to trap dust and dirt inside the phone case?

Yes, it is possible, but the chances are very slim. Most of the dust and dirt that do land on your phone case won’t stick. If any dust or dirt managed to get stuck inside the case, remove the case and clean it with a towel.

That should cover most of the questions. If we miss any of them, feel free to comment or message us on Facebook/Instagram.