Everyone has their own story.

StoryCase treasures the unique story behind each and every one of us. We combine “stories” and “Technologies,” creating a protective case imbued with your personality.

StoryCase is not any plain phone case but a case that represents you and the adventure you had.

Shock-absorption Technology

The exclusive shock-absorption technology is built for the drop-proof technology together to reach the high level of protection. The delicate shock-proof airbags are aligned on the edges and corners inside the case.

5H Anti-scratches Layer

One of the outstanding technology is the tough and resilient 5H anti-scratches layer on the surface of case, effectively avoid scratches and scuffs over long time using, yet not heavy but flexible, perfectly emerged in your life.

Drop-proof Test

The protective case is able to survived through 3 meters drop without single damage, easily battle the daily shocks, unfortunate scratches and scuffs on the surface, to keep slim and stylish at the same time to present yourself!

Sync your story to the QR Code Anytime Anywhere

We can confirm that the user registers successfully via the two QR codes. The app can also automatically detect whether the owner receives it as a gift or personal use. Users can alter according to their thoughts and create exclusive memories as long as they follow the steps in the STORYCASE APP.

We treasure the precious moments you had, and we aim to create unique cases that you can resonate with. Imbue every single case with a hue of your own! Express yourself in any way possible!

Come start your journey with StoryCase today :D

With 100+ effects and filters

With a well-designed media-focused platform, which you can add musics, filters, effects and all editing services onto the media.

Telling your story with just a scan

Simply scan the QR code on the case and your friends from all over world can browse a collection of your stories.

Strive to change the perception of phone cases

Users can then integrate their life with phone cases as a way of telling their stories to others. STORYCASE will be the most expressive, unique, and personalized mobile phone accessories.